Keep ‘Em Coming!

Special thanks to VetThePrez and the hard work of @ButFukChuk, we have an updated list of names that remain in #TwitterGulag.  I have forwarded the list to @support and suggest you do the same.  I would also suggest that you think about how we can quell the coordinated attack by CJ to prevent this from happening again.  Again, thanks folks for updating this list.

To be disseminated everywhere:

@trusgnichsilver @bamanem1016 @mylittlehadji @jabbaslant @frankrbottom @mtranquilnight @beedubya2 @Bright_Falcon @AngieMancuso @paulrevered1776 @reardenh @bcmissildine @mildredbrooks @suicidebyfud @tut2112 @dotsrus @scarlettonefive @mattdaddy35 @jennyruskie 



Prisoner #5214818

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Guess Who’s Back…Back Again!

Twitter Patriots,

Prisoner #5214818 at your service.  I thought this afternoon I would be giving you a special report on a new and very nefarious tactic being test driven by liberals at the moment.  Alas, I’m content to wait until I’ve performed the research required to expand this investigation to something much bigger.  Let us just say that once it is concluded, it will bring down more than just a few twitter hacks trying to silence dissent.

In the meantime, we need to continue to be vigilant about #TwitterGulag.  The liberals will use every tactic at their disposal to quell free speech.  Do not be surprised by anything.  They are ruthless.  By ruthless I don’t mean simply using ToS abuse.  These are the same people who support the Occupy Wall Street movement, which is an extension of the SDS and the Weather Underground.  They are being trained and run by the same people.  As I warned years ago at the founding of the TEA Party movement, it can and will escalate into a blown powder keg when the useful idiots turn to the next step of their “handbook”.  Do not expect assistance from a Department of Justice that will not prosecute the New Black Panther party. Do not expect aid from a White House that refers to law enforcement as, “the police acting stupidly.”  And do not misunderstand the intentions of a Department of Homeland Security that refuses to protect our borders, while watching citizens with Pro-Life bumper stickers on their cars.

We will continue to be here and fight for Twitter Freedom, but the CSA is preparing to expand to real life engagement of liberal tactics being utilized in other areas online and outside the twittersphere.  I hope that you continue to fight with me, and know that this is a lot bigger than 140 characters.

Pray for Peace and Vigilance,

Michael Ernette~

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Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen!

Well, fellow Patriots,

Yours truly joins you from the depths of the Twitter Gulag, viewing the Twitterverse through the familiar bars that many of you have seen over recent days, as I await my magisterial arraignment and eventual release of the falsely accused by Twitter’s Madame Lafarge.  I call him Madame, because only a complete pussy would openly brag by tweet onto my Twitter Feed bragging of abusing ToS violations, and then accuse me of unsolicited mentions for retweeting from my own page.  I should have seen that it was likely a trap (gratuitous Admiral Akbar reference here), but I am not afraid to expose the obvious to all, so that we don’t all receive a similar fate.

That said, I stand behind my original statement and hope that I can provide some insight by humble example.  I do not worry that my case will be heard and that I will be reinstated.  These are false accusation, meant to cause chaos.  I was a target for helping others, as you should all be.  No one..not me, not Chris, not Dana, not Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, or Rush Limbaugh is bigger than the movement and the ideology that we are trying to spread.  This is but a mere bump in the road for me, and if the nefarious lizard means to stop our message, then he’d better bring more than tattletaling  to Twitter.  I’ve said before with proof that like many in our fold, I have been literally investigated by the United States Secret Service, the Department of Energy Protection Unit, and the Virginai State Police for creating real life dissent of opinion. A man that refers to HIMSELF as ButFuk does nothing to incite fear and trembling in the mind of this author.

I ask that you please do your best to make Twitter aware of my case, but alas I know there are men and women who have been in this Gulag longer than I, so I will be patience.

Keep the Faith,

Your Humble POW,


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Keep Them Coming!!!


As we await word back from the wardens of the Twitter Gulag, I would like to stress that Tracy Lee, @freechrisloech, and I are actively working to end the imprisonment.  But we must be vigilant.  Keep the data coming! Over the course of this evening and tomorrow, we will keep working to ensure that this type of abuse stops.  The following is the letter that yours truly sent moments ago, the second today.

“Good Afternoon,

I’m writing on behalf of the following Twitter accounts that have been suspended for spam: @schuellerj, @OFA_DA, @pinkegg11, @reasonpundit, @paulrevered1776, and @Jesusismydude.

I was helping @ChrisLoesch and @DLoesch during the events on Sunday evening, and based on the evidence we have received at my blog, we have reasonable suspicion that these Twitter handles have been suspended by virtue of the same process.

I understand completely the problems that you continue to encounter and I’m not in any way blaming Twitter or your policies or the work that you are doing to correct these issues.  I understand that this is a concentrated effort outside Twitter and your staff.  I am merely asking you to look into these particular cases and others as they come to light.

Additionally, we have heard reports that the same people causing this trouble are moving to other areas for the purposes of suspension, such as abuse of the follow churning functions.  I provide this as a warning to the engineering staff that this may be a problem in the future that harassers are trying to exploit. Thank you in advance for your attention.

Michael Ernette”

We WILL fight this for you, but we need names and as much data as possible!  Don’t wait!

From the Front,



UPDATE: We have word that thanks to the efforts of the Loesches and several others, we have seen the return of @XCitzen10 from the confines of Twitter Gulag.  His story is best documented in his own words at  I encourage everyone to read his blog to get a better understanding of the enemy we face firsthand. Charles Johnson (@Lizardoid) is a menace to freedom, and he and his ilk need to be stopped.  It will however take a concerted effort among fellow Patriots to make the attack on free speech stop.  Please follow, and like Big Sis said in improper context, “If you see something, say something.”

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We’re getting more information on spam/block abuse, so it time to take action.  If you or someone you know has been the target of a liberal spam blocker, please take the time to register for a comment, tell your story here, and give us as much data as you can and feel comfortable with.  Please make sure you take as many screen shots as possible.  Michelle Malkin has been very diligent about getting others out of Twitter Gulag, but she is limited to the amount of time that she has to deal with it.  I’m not.  Give us the rundown, I’m making a list, and I will be in touch through your handle on wordpress, which is untouchable.  Let’s fight this war here.

From the Front,



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Lessons from the Twitter Gulag

Well, not exactly rested, but significantly calmer.  He may be a leftist, but lounging on the couch with Turner Classics on TV in the afternoon does the soul well.

So what have we learned in the fallout of the @ChrisLoesch battle? I think first things first, we learned that as a unit, we are more powerful than the insidious actions of the left, in their attempts to silence dissent.  Occupy Wall Street wishes they had the passion and coordination that I have seen in the last 24 hours when some of ours had rights that were being trampled upon. 

But there were interesting points in the fighting as well.  I hope it was sarcasm that I saw, but one of our crowd mentioned something about Dana, Chris, and Michelle Malkin getting great press while the rest of us get suspended and no one is worried.  I can address this two ways. First, we are all important tweeters, but sometimes it takes a bigger name to bring about worldwide trending and forcing the enemy into damage control. Case in point is the fact that after Chris was reinstated, a plethora of other falsely accused people were reinstated as well {THANKS, MICHELLE MALKIN!}. 

This brings to mind my time in the United States Navy.  I was stationed aboard a Guided Missile Cruiser in a Carrier Battle Group.  As sailor, we knew full well that with a torpedo in the water, our ship would “turn to” to protect the carrier, which brings me to my second point.  No one in the conservative movement, in my opinion and in our current state of affairs, should be afraid to sacrifice in the coming battles.  Since the advent of the TEA Parties, of which I was a founding member, we have always understood that no one person or group is bigger than the mission that we uphold.  This is the fundamental difference between this movement and Occupy.  While they fight to have their personal student loan debts paid off and demand free contraception (both selfish motives), we stand to reduce the debt and tyranny that will be forced onto our children and grandchildren.  Do you know how many TEA Partiers I’ve met who have quoted the words of Thomas Paine, “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace,”?  You will not hear these words from the left.

Finally, as we begin to deflate slightly from the row and begin to take the offensive again, let us not fall into the trap that I saw from several people last night in thinking that we can defend our cause by mimicking the patterns of those who wish to suppress us.  We fight with ideals and principles.  Failure to maintain such would negate our reason for standing on the wall in the first place.

This is a war of ideas, Ladies and Gentlemen.  This is our battleground and situation room.  Lets come together here and continue the momentum given to us in last night’s battle, strike fast and strike hard, and let’s let them know that we’re here.  Please post your comments accordingly on any lessons you’ve learned from flag/spam-gate, so that we can gather our thoughts collectively {God! I hate that word!}.


From the Front,



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Wow! Twitter Finally Acquiesces!

After multiple write-ups and not much sleep on the part of this writer and many, many Patriots on Twitter, the powers that be have reinstated @ChrisLoesch. According to Dana Loesch on Twitter, “Twitter tells @chrisloesch that they are now monitoring his acct to stay a step ahead of those trying to shut down acct #freechrisloesch“.

Since we now have attained a victory in this singular battle, we must turn our attention to two matters at hand.  First, moving forward, how do we go about getting other conservative voices out of the #TwitterGulag?  The victory of #FreeChrisLoesch is incredible, but there are other brothers and sisters being suspended with this tactic everyday.  There have been discussions in the past 12-18 hours about creating lists that would provide for recourse.  In the opinion of this writer, we should have several places that an oppressed conservative can turn so that all information is not in one account.  Corporations use multiple offsite servers to prevent total meltdown.  I believe we should do the same.

Second, how do we move forward concerning the battle against the tactics the left is employing?  Tomorrow is May Day, and Occupy is promising a General Strike, so we can expect this battle to escalate in the next 24 hours.  Do not be fooled, this is a concerted effort, and we need to meet insidious force with equally concentrated intellectual might.

Please feel free to post answers and ideas.  I’ll have more to come this evening.



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