We’re getting more information on spam/block abuse, so it time to take action.  If you or someone you know has been the target of a liberal spam blocker, please take the time to register for a comment, tell your story here, and give us as much data as you can and feel comfortable with.  Please make sure you take as many screen shots as possible.  Michelle Malkin has been very diligent about getting others out of Twitter Gulag, but she is limited to the amount of time that she has to deal with it.  I’m not.  Give us the rundown, I’m making a list, and I will be in touch through your handle on wordpress, which is untouchable.  Let’s fight this war here.

From the Front,



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20 Responses to TELL YOUR STORY HERE!

  1. reasonpundit says:

    Hello Michael.

    My Twitter account @reasonpundit has been in the Twitter Gulag since yesterday afternoon. I’m not sure what specific tweet pissed off the left, but I can guarantee that none of my tweets were violating the Twitter TOS in any way, and thus I was falsely reported for spam. I’ve been trying to get a hold of Twitter employees since then, to no avail.

    My WordPress blog is, and my personal Twitter account is @schuellerj. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Joe Schueller
    aka reasonpundit

  2. I entered a conversation after a liberal mistakenly blamed Congress’ inability to pass a budget for 3 years on Spkr Boehner ( I am not a fan of the Spkr ) I pointed out the fact the house proposed several budgets plans in comparison to zero offered by Senate and two votes AGAINST POTUS proposals.
    Mind u the first post of this conversation was posted by a fellow person of the right who posted the obvious point that 3 years without establishing a federal budget is paramount to a failure of leadership.
    That was essentially all it required for a person to have the ability to have me suspended as a spammer.

    • Okay, feel free to email me at, if you are comfortable here. I need your twitter handle and the handles of those you were involved in convo with. Like I asked Joe, if you have anyone else that I can get screenshot backups of the conversation from, please email privately. Still waiting to here from @support on Joe, but we’re working on it.


  3. vettheprez says:

    Hello. I’ve started @FreeChrisLoesch account on Twitter as my back up. My list #TwitterGulag will list these accounts as soon as we spring them from the Gulag @OFA_DA @pinkegg11 @reasonpundit @paulrevered1776 @Jesusismydude;

    • Great! Like I said on Twitter. I think we need to have several places for Twitter Gulagers to go, so that we can prevent an attack all in one place. According to reports coming in to me in email and DM, since they got caught using spam/block, they’re branching out to other ways to block, and likely learned not to brag this time. Resending info on Joe’s situation presently, have not heard back yet. Do you have screenshots from your list? Also, I think if we get background data from people involved, we can trace some of the arguments while we’re still not in Gulag ourselves. Twitter leaves a paper trail with those unsuspended.

      I’m Michael, by the way. Pleased to meet you!

  4. vettheprez says:

    I know @OFA_DA dissappeared right after engaging the #WLF a couple days ago for just 2 or 3 polite tweets noting the humor of dems invading “their hashtag”; #WLF was being used as hashtag for animal group until @DWStweets also used #WLF at the time of #UAWOW; crazy cats abused spam block feature b/c Democrats had “usurped” as they put it “their hashtag” (that is possibly, I strongly suspect the event causing them to en masse report @OFA_DA) There are hundreds in this group of crazy cats. Please free @OFA_DA < Obama For America, #DestroyingAmerica that is!!! He's a conservative parody and had over 900 followers. @NathanHale1775 and @cgpb knows the story. I didn't screen capture but I have direct links to tweets showing the group had cat claws out for report spam especially b/c he was conservative. Here is the ticket submitted: no response other than auto acknowledgement they received the ticket: #5181673 Twitter Support: update on "Democrat Cat-lovers Abusing the Block/Report for Spam feature!"

    • Okay I will get on it. Let’s stay in touch, I have a meeting this evening that I have to attend, but I’m working on several accounts now with twitter. We can keep the word out, and I think if our intelligence moves back and forth like it is now, we can stop this sham. We can beat them!

  5. vettheprez says:

    Reblogged this on vettheprez and commented:
    #TwitterGulag Michael Ernette

  6. BrightlyWrought says:

    My account, @BrightlyWrought was banned as well. Pretty much after posting continually about how the notion that @ChrisLoesh got himself blocked automatically was false

    • vettheprez says:

      welcome back to twitter, I hardly see how you could have been suspended with few unsolicited mentions to friendlies and under 50 tweets, but it happened. your account is interesting in TwitterGulag blog for that reason. I’ll have to dig further.

    • vettheprez says:

      I’m sure @BrightlyWrought created that twitter account just for testing, and has already counted up the factors that led to the Gulag. (Concentrating on 43 tweets on 30 APR): hashtags used = (40), Mentions of others made from their own writings + mentions in a RT = (28 – 1 of those direct mentions to unfriendly @NicoleGennette), RT’s = (16 RT’s – one being of an unfriendly @BatShitGop of those 16), and Links = (15) **@Dloesch & @Dbargen RT’s contained 3 mentions of unfriedles @ChrisWilsonDC & @ProudLiberalMom eqauling 6 ‘unwanted’ mentions (yes, even though those mentions are in RT’s). I think in total BW made a total of 10 ‘unsolicited’ or ‘unwanted’ mentions to people who all probably used the report spam feature; 3 going to @ChrisWilsonDC, 3 going to @ProudLiberalMom, 1 to @BatShitGOP, 1 to @NicoleGenette, 1 to @UsmanCheema001, and 1 to @Suzainalisha. Very nice work BW. It will help many.

      • Great data! Keep it coming. Glad some are getting released, but don’t forget about me here. Haven’t posted because I’ve been trying to continue to get through @support to get my suspension lifted.

      • vettheprez says:

        Have you even had the initial auto email reply from twitter about your request for reinstatement? what’s your support ticket #?

      • I have the initial auto reply, but I have heard nothing back. The ticket number is #5214818.

  7. vettheprez says:

    I’d like to tell Michael Ernette’s story. I was [very surprised] to see Michael hauled off to #TwitterGulag. More rations of TweetSmarter for the serfs! Come back fast.

    • I retweeted @ButFukChuk bragging from my twitter feed. Hit me for unsolicited comment, less than 30 seconds. Had to be coordinated block. He was following me too. Anyway, get the word out #FreeMichaelErnette, and let @XCitizen10 know its ERNETTE, not EMMETT. I’ve busted my ass the last couple days, please try to get me treading so that Twitter pays attention.

  8. vettheprez says:

    I’ll check out ButFukChuk tweets and xcitizen10 corrected the spelling on his own.

  9. reasonpundit says:

    Good news everyone! My account @reasonpundit was just reactivated. Thank you for all your support.

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